Andrew White LRPS

After thirty years working as a Veterinary Surgeon specializing in Large Animals retirement gives me the time to pursue a lifelong interest in photography.
I have been lucky in my professional career to live and work in some of the most picturesque parts of the country. A good deal of my time was taken travelling from farm to farm, in all seasons and at all times of the day and night. You very quickly get to appreciate the complexities of light and how the same scene changes due to weather conditions and time of day. I now find this experience invaluable in capturing landscape images.

Most of my early work was monochrome and I spent many a long night producing prints in my darkroom. In 2006 I gained my LRPS with ten monochromes produced the traditional way. I have now joined the digital revolution and produce my images via a digital camera and computer.

I am currently working on a project to record the landscapes of West Bay, Dorset in all weather and lighting conditions. I do like to instill some atmosphere into my images and this is why you will find me out with my camera before and after dawn and in all sorts of weather conditions.

Another project which is ongoing is to record the varied landscapes of Portland Bill. This is a fascinating area which at first glance is a bleak and forbidding place but in fact has a great history and endless possibilities for the photographer

As you will see looking through my portfolio travel photography is another favourite of mine. Surprisingly enough animals do not feature strongly although where there is a good photo opportunity I invariably have a go!